• DCE9M, DTE9M, DCE9MX, DTE9MX: DB9 – RJ45 adaptor

    Micro_Link and Mega_Link present serial data on RJ45 connectors, compatible with standard Cat 5 Etherenet cables. A DB9 – RJ45 adaptor can be used to convert the remote end of the cable to a DB9 connector as used by most communication devices. The DB9 connection can be configured as either a DCE* or a DTE*. A removable gender changer can be used to convert from a male to a female connector.

    Variants with a X suffix work with the Bus_Link connector on Micro_Link, all others will work on any Mega_Link serial COM port. All variants are supplied with a 1m Cat 5 cable.

    * It is convenient to connect a host device such as a PC or a PLC (defined Data Communications Equipment DCE) to an interface such as a modem (defined Data Terminal Equipment DTE) using a parallel cable. However, the pin defined as Transmit Data (TXD) is an output from one end and an input at the other end. Therefore although the relevant pins have the same names at a DCE and DTE the data direction is different. Micro_Link and Mega_Link can emulate either a DCE or a DTE, depending on the variant of adaptor used.

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