Churchill Controls is the UK's leading supplier of radio telemetry & control systems that operate as point to point or multi-point to point radio data links.

What we do

Churchill Controls Ltd is an established OEM who design and manufacture a range of radio telemetry & control products which are optimised for sending sensor instrumentation and control data between remote sites and a basestation.

Our systems mainly use licence-free radio technology to transmit instrumentation data over distances of up to 20 km. The biggest single market is the water industry and we sell to nearly every water utility in the UK and Ireland.

Our latest generation of products, designated Mega_Link 2, provides secure transmissions using the AES-256 encryption standard and can also communicate via the 4G mobile phone networks and Ethernet TCP/IP over LAN/WAN.

Our heritage

Churchill Controls has over 40 years history of supplying telemetry equipment primarily to the water industry.

We have a long pedigree of successful telemetry & control product families.

Communications methods include; UHF low power radio, 4G networks and Ethernet LAN/WAN. Typical installations perform remote control and monitoring of digital and analogue sensor measurement signals and interfacing to PLC/SCADA systems for distributed plant process control.

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Why us?

Telemetry & Control

Communicating via:
- Licence free UHF radio
- 4G LTE mobile network
- Private wire
- TCP/IP network

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Long pedigree of products

Mega_Link 2

Customer support

We provide a high level of customer support from project inception, specification, budgetary quotation, radio path site survey, quotation update, manufacture, delivery, commissioning support and service visits.