• ALI18/xx: 2" (50mm) Diameter Aluminium Pole

    xx defines the length in metres ( 2, 3 or 4).

    Longer masts can be created by joining poles using the I0008A Pole Joining Clamp
    Note that there can be delivery difficulties with 4m poles.

  • I0008A; 2" Pole Joining Clamp

    These can be used to extend the length of masts by joining poles together. If the combined length exceeds 9m we strongly recommend supporting the mast with guy wires.

  • SAB3/xx: Stand-off Bracket

    This is used to attach a mast to a wall that has soffits and gutters at the top. It can safely support masts up to 6m long.

    xx defines the spacing from the wall in inches (12, 18 or 24).

    Rawl bolts and U bolts are included.

  • CS6D2W: ENF Wall Mounting Bracket

    This is used to attach a ENF type aerial direct to wall.

    It comes galvanised with 2 rawlbolts for the wall and 2x 1.5″ U-bolts. Spaced correctly to straddle two bricks or within a single brick.

    Approx 150mm (6 inch) standoff from wall. Bracket is 190mm wide.

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