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Churchill Controls Products


Our current product range is based around Mega_Link, but we are still able to provide legacy systems based around Micro_Link and Nano_Link.


Mega_Link is a communications system that can pass instrumentation data between industrial plant and equipment …..

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Legacy Products

Nano_Link and Micro_Link are now regarded as legacy products and are not recommended for new applications …..

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Ancillary Products

We offer a range of ancillary products to support our telemetry products including enclosures, aerials,aerial fittings …..

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Level Measurement

Although they are not our core products, we also manufacture the Winston level gauge and the Wave Monitor.


MK1 Level Gauge

The MK1 accurately measures the level of a liquid using capacitive techniques …..

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Wave Monitor

This instrument is a simple robust device for the measurement and recording of water waves in hydraulic models and ship tanks …..

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