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Mega_Link is a low-cost and versatile telemetry communication system for passing two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between industrial plant and equipment distributed over wide geographical areas and remote locations. Using de-regulated unlicensed UHF radio or the national GSM/GPRS network it removes the dependency for cables and is also ideally suited for both permanent and short-term site installations.

With a proven track record and existing installed base within major utility companies and organisations over a number of years, Mega_Link offers cost effective, robust and dependable performance, making it the ideal solution for your Machine to Machine (M2M), telemetry and control applications.

Key Features

  • Highly user configurable; any Mega_Link unit can operate as either a basestation or an outstation or both.
  • Mega_Link can be ordered fitted with combinations of the following interface modules:
    • 458MHz UHF radio, up to 15km range depending on topography and aerial system
    • 869MHz UHF radio, up to 8km range depending on topography and aerial system
    • GSM/GPRS modem, 3G Quad band
    • V23 modem for leased line private wire
  • The plant I/O interfaces are compatible with a wide range of digital & analogue instruments and equipment such as volt-free contacts, depth transducers, flow meters and electrical switchgear etc.
    • 8 Digital Inputs (volt-free contact).
    • 8 Digital Outputs (relay contact).
    • 2 Analogue Inputs (fully isolated, 0…20mA), with a regulated 12Vdc transducer supply
    • 2 Analogue Outputs (0…20mA).
  • The standard plant I/O interfaces are expandable to add a further 256 physical inputs and outputs for larger system applications, using a range of Mega_Link expansion modules,.
  • Power supply, options include;
    • Internal110/240Vac mains supply (with battery backup)
    • 12Vdc or 24Vdc
    • Internal alkaline batteries
  • Solar panel and regulator (charging an external lead acid battery)DIN rail mounted for fitment in existing equipment racks or Churchill Controls can supply Mega_Link along with expansion modules ready built into a range of standard IP67 enclosures for quick and easy installation.
  • We also supply a full range of aerials, downlead cables, masts, poles and all associated mounting hardware.
  • Please contact Churchill Controls for a radio path survey service and advice during selection of the optimal aerial configurations for your application and installation sites.

Advanced Features

  • Space for 2nd interface module to support Dual Comms operation for applications requiring extra resilience.
  • RS232/RS485 port for interface to PLC and SCADA equipment using industry standard fieldbus protocols.
  • Digital and analogue exception reporting for alerting change of conditions past pre-determined thresholds.
  • GSM/GPRS option can send automated SMS alerts and receive SMS messages for system status monitoring.
  • Variable scan update rate and PowerSave mode for extended low-power battery and solar panel operation.
  • Outstations can also be configured to operate in a repeater mode to relay two-way radio communications over extended distances and overcome otherwise challenging geographical features and locations.
  • Versatile and user configurable; communications failure, battery condition and RSSI monitoring functions.
  • Built-in colour LCD display and joystick user interface for easy monitoring of status and operation.
  • USB programming port for connection to Windows based PC or tablet running GUI software for setting up system configurations, data routing tables, detailed status monitoring and diagnostics etc.

Application Examples


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The following modules are available to build systems. Up to 32 expansion modules can be fitted to any given Mega_Link

7600-abcd: Mega_Link

This is the core module, and has the following plant I/O:

  • 8 digital inputs for operation from volt-free contacts
  • 8 digital outputs, each being a volt-free relay contact. The outputs are in two groups of four, each with a common return
  • 2 analogue inputs, each fully isolated and calibrated 0…20mA +/-0.1%
  • 2 analogue outputs with a common positive return, calibrated 0…20mA +/-0.1%.

Choice of in-built power supplies, defined by the suffix ‘a’ in the part number:

  • a = 1: 12VDC nominal (4….16VDC)
  • a = 2: 24VDC nominal (12…36V)
  • a = A: AC mains (85…240VAC)
  • a = B: Alkaline battery pack (4 x D cells)

Choice of communication interface modules built in to COM1, defined by the suffix ‘b’ in the part number:

  • b = 0: None fitted
  • b = 4: 458MHz Radio
  • b = 8: 869MHz Radio
  • b = G: GPRS radio modem
  • b = L: Leased Line modem

There is a similar choice of communication interface modules built in to COM2, defined by the suffix ‘c’ in the part number.

COM3 provides an RS232 or RS485 interface and these can be easily connected to third party equipment by using our DB9 – RJ45 Adaptors

Suffix ‘d’ of the part number defines whether or not the LCD colour display and joystick are fitted:

  • >d = 0: No display
  • d = D: Display fitted

7610-1: Digital Input Expansion Module

This module has 8 digital inputs, each suitable for operation from an external volt-free contact. They are configured in two groups of four, each with a common return (internally connected to 0V).

7610-2: Digital Output Expansion Module

This module has 8 digital volt-free relay contact outputs, configured as two groups of four, each with a common return.

7620-1: Analogue Input Expansion Module

This module has 4 inputs, each fully isolated and calibrated 0…20mA +/-0.1%.
The module also provides a 12V regulated output capable of sourcing 200mA which can be used for powering transducers.

7630-1: Analogue Output Expansion Module

This module has four analogue outputs, all fully isolated and calibrated 0…20mA +/-0.1%
Each output can source 20mA at up to 10V.

Due to the plug and play functionality of the Mega_Link design, customers who use multiple variants can stock communication interfaces and power supplies so they can configure units themselves. The component parts available include the following:

7501-1: 458MHz Radio

7501-2: 868MHz Radio

7502-1: GPRS Modem

7504-1: Leased Line Modem

7680-1: Mains Power Supply (with battery back-up)