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Aerial Fittings

Whip aerials and stubby aerials can be attached directly to our equipment. Other types may need extension cables, poles and brackets. We recommend that we carry out a site survey to establish the optimum location and height of the aerial, and to propose the fittings needed.

7101-ALL/xx: Bulkhead Extension Lead

This can be used within enclosures to extend the aerial to a bulkhead jack.

xx defines the lead length (0.5, 1, 2 or 3m)

7360/xx, 7360V/xx, 7360H/xx: Aerial Extension Lead

These allow whip aerials to be mounted in external elevated positions. The 7360V is illustrated and can be fitted to the top of a vertical mast.

7360H is similar but mounts on a horizontal pole. If a 1.5m horizontal pole is attached to the top of a mast using a CO/2 cross-over plate then two 7360H extension leads can be used to attach aerials to each end of the pole, keeping them spaced apart to minimise cross-talk.

7360 omits the pole clamp so can be used to attach an aerial to a wall.
xx defines the cable length in metres.

ALI18/xx: 2” (50mm) diameter aluminium pole.

xx defines the length in metres ( 1.5, 2, 3 or 4).

Longer masts can be created by joining poles using the I0008A Pole Joining Clamp
Note that there can be delivery difficulties with 4m poles.

I0008A: 2” Pole Joining Clamp

These can be used to extend the length of masts by joining poles together. If the combined length exceeds 9m we strongly recommend supporting the mast with guy wires.

AP0036U: 6” stand-off Bracket

This can be used to secure masts of up to 2m length to a vertical wall. It is supplied with two U-bolts. For longer masts we suggest using two or more brackets and also possibly guy wires.

SAB3/xx: Stand-off bracket

This is used to attach a mast to a wall that has soffits and gutters at the top. It can safely support masts up to 6m long.

xx defines the spacing from the wall in inches (12, 18 or 24).

CO/2: 2” (50mm) cross-over plate

One of these is needed to attach a 458MHz Yagi aerial to a mast.